FPD housing latest medsafe for unused prescription

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - As the fight against opioid addiction grows, the people of Fairbanks are ready to face it.
A new prescription collection box has been installed in the lobby of the Fairbanks Police Department.
Julia Laude visited F-P-D, earlier today to learn more about this collection service.

Julia Laude; Reporting>>"As the opioid epidemic spreads across the country, cities are having to adapt, and Fairbanks is no exception."

Fairbanks officially has another prescription drop off location, where residents can drop off their unused prescriptions.
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Bassett Army Community Hospital, the North Pole Police department, the Medical Group at Eielson Air Force Base, the North Pole Prescription lab and now the Fairbanks Police department all offer collection services.
While many residents had to wait for the bi-annual, Drug Take Back Day to properly dispose of their unused prescriptions, the new MedSafe collection box at F-P-D is open 24 hours, seven days a week.
Through fundraising, the Sunrisers Rotary Club was able to fund the installation and collection bags for the MedSafe box.
Sunrisers President Cole Carson, says this new collection service reduces the chance of addiction and helps the community.

Cloe Carson; Sunrisers Rotary President>>"Most people, when they're prescribed an opioid, if they don't use it all, they put it in their medicine cabinet. We want to get them out of the medicine cabinets so they can be disposed of properly and in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Each Rotary group does their own fundraising and then we take that money and look for opportunities in the community to make a difference and this is just one way."

The collection box is not meant for sharp items, needles, large bottles of liquids or other hazardous materials.
Fairbanks Police Chief, Eric Jewkes, asks that residents be mindful of size when dropping off unwanted prescriptions.

Eric Jewkes; Fairbanks Police Chief>> "Just be sensitive to the size and demand, of course there is a cost for this process so if you have two pills in an extremely large container, don't bring us an extremely large container for one or two pills you can downsize as best you can and that just makes the whole process more efficient but we encourage this and we're happy that Sunrisers Rotary was able to help us out and really fill a community need."

FPD will still be participating in Drug Take Back Day, which will be taking place later this month on October 28th.
This is Julia Laude reporting.