FNSB cuts the ribbon on new Central Recycling Facility

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Fairbanks officially has it's own recycling facility.
The Fairbanks North Star Borough Central Recycling Facility is now open on 1855 Marika Street.

Residents will be able to drop off their papers, plastics and electronics to be properly recycled.

However, recyclable materials are only accepted during normal hours of operation, as 24/7 drop-off bins are not available.

The recycling facility is leased from the University of Alaska and the Fairbanks Rescue Mission will operate the facility through it's Green Collar Jobs Program.

In the past, the Fairbanks Rescue Mission has provided it's own recycling program, but will cease collection of materials at their 723 27th Avenue facility with the opening of today's ribbon cutting.

Borough Mayor Karl Kassel, says the borough will continue to make recycling as efficient as possible, while Recycling Manager, Sean Huntington says this centralized location will make it easier for residents to recycle.

"It's opening a road. It's a new path forward for us is what it is. It's not the end of the road by any stretch of the imagination. This is just kind of the start in my mind. It is the ribbon at the beginning of the road. We're going to continue to evolve. We're going to continue to change and grow and as the flow of material increases from our community, we'll find a new and better ways to handle it. We'll get more efficient. We'll come closer to breaking even until someday maybe we don't even have to subsidize this facility at all. That's our goal and our mission here."

Sean Huntington, Recycling Manager:
"But the facility's a lot bigger area for the residents to pull up. A lot more room in the parking lot, and I mean, we're trying to decrease the quantity of materials that's going to the landfill. It's the right thing to do."