FNA and DEA to host a summit concerning opioid addiction

Fairbanks Native Association Behavioral Health' and the 'Drug Enforcement Agency' are hosting a summit this week to educate, empower, and guide professionals and families in response to the opioid epidemic that has afflicted Alaska.
The summit starts Wednesday at the Wedgewood Resort Borealis Ballroom, and is intended to provide educational opportunities for community providers.
The event will include speakers on prevention, addictions, and co-occurring disorders, drug trends, and Native village concerns over the epidemic.
On Thursday, the summit will be open to the public at 5-30 P-M.
On that day, a member of the D-E-A will speak, followed by a discussion panel and forum.
F-N-A Director of Behavior Health, Perry Ahsogeak (AHH-SOY-UHK) told us why the summit is so important to the Interior.
Perry Ahsogeak; FNA Director of Behavior Health >> "We have been focused for years on alcohol and now we know that we need to focus more on opioids. So just an opportunity to expand our services and get to knowledge out there that we are providing the service as well as provide opportunities for those that may want more information. We will be bringing speakers throughout the state of Alaska as well as outside to have a discussion regarding the opioid epidemic."