City bed tax applications underway

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The city clerk's office in downtown Fairbanks is now accepting Hotel/Motel Discretionary Fund Grant applications through October 31st of this year.
The city of Fairbanks levies an 8 percent tax on hotel and motel stays in town.
About two hundred and seventy-thousand dollars of the revenues goes back to the community via motel and hotel discretionary fund grant every year.
Any organization, public or private, can apply for those funds each year.
Applications for the fund grant can be obtained on the city of Fairbanks website at
Every application must be either received or postmarked by 5 PM on the day of the deadline. You can also call the clerk's office at 459-6702
Danyielle Snider; City Clerk, City of Fairbanks>>"It cannot be granted to pay off loans, deficits, or debt reduction. It cannot be granted for endowments or scholarships or health and social service activities. Those are the restrictions on the fund. We cannot answer questions about how someone should complete their application. However, we can answer technical type questions. Our finance department is also a resource if they have questions about what types of financial reports need to be included. We at the clerk's office can't deny anyone the opportunity to apply so if you think you may be eligible you could still apply and will see what happens with the committee review."