'AK Speed Eats' brings app-based food delivery from restaurant to doorstep

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Do you wish you could relax at home and not worry about dinner?
A new local business says it's got you covered.

AK Speed Eats is an App-based service, meaning customers are able to order their food off of a smart phone or tablet and have it delivered.

This particular service partners with local restaurants who don't already have delivery services, to provide drivers.

So far, the delivery service has partnered with 10 local restaurants.

Owner of AK Speed Eats, Taylor Gathman, began his interest in business during his time in the Air Force.

While living in California, he noticed a variety of food delivery services and when he moved back to Alaska, he wanted to bring that variety to the Interior.

The Hungry Robot was one of the first businesses to partner with Gathman.

Many of these pizza loving customers were wanting The Hungry Robot to deliver, offering the perfect opportunity for collaboration.

Randy Bezdek, The Hungry Robot:
"It takes away a lot of the headache of having to manage it because you're pretty much dealing with one guy, and then I just cut him a check once a week and I'm good to go. You don't have to deal with all the background stuff. Partnering with them was a good idea. Things have been going well."

AK Speed Eats is also continuing to develop their app.
Soon they will be offering more than just meal delivery.

Taylor Gathman, AK Speed Eats
"We started with the idea of just doing restaurants and everything like that but me being from Fairbanks, I know how it feels to be negative 30 outside, needing milk. And not wanting to have to start your car and having to do all this extra stuff to go down the street to go there especially sometimes it's very busy at the supermarket and now a 10 minute trip takes you an hour. People are saying they don't want to dress their kids just to take them down the street to get milk or get something. They would definitely be cool with paying just a small delivery cost to be able to have the luxury, after a long day of work, being able to just stay at home in opposed to getting off work and having to go to the supermarket and do all that stuff so that's exactly why we started it and it fits perfect with us."

Gathman says he wants to expand services to North Pole and even across the state.