48th Annual HIPOW dinner and auction taking place later this week

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - One of the interior's biggest fundraisers is taking place this weekend
The 48th annual HI-POW dinner and auction will be taking place the 13th and 14th of October, beginning at 5 P-M.
HI-POW stands for "happiness is paying our way".
It's a major fundraiser for the Catholic Schools of Fairbanks, and the goal is to raise 650-thousand dollars by the end of the two day event.
Friday the 13th is the free fun family night.
There will be both a silent and live auction taking place, with an array of items that includes pictures, clothing, figurines, games, and much more.
The Saturday evening portion of the event is a formal dinner and auction, but that affair is already sold out.
Director of the Schools Nancy Hanson, says HI-POW really does bring a lot of the community together.
Nancy Hanson; Director of Schools, Catholic Schools of Fairbanks>>: "You know, kind of highlights us in the community and highlights our connection with our business donors and our love and our current parents and families and just business people. You know who come and support us, local families who come and support us. So it's just really you know helps us recognize that were important to this community and helps us be able to thank the community for what it does for us."