31 Immigrants Participated in the Naturalization Ceremony and became Citizens

Last week, 31 immigrants from over 18 countries became united in American citizenship.
On Friday, July 7th, in the Federal Court House in Fairbanks, 31 individuals participated in the second of three Naturalization Ceremonies for the year.
There was standing room only in the courtroom, as the supporters of the soon-to-be United States Citizens filled the benches and beyond.
Judge Oravec, who is of Hungarian descent, oversaw the swearing in.
The Pavva Inupiaq dancers opened up the ceremony; and Morgan Reed, a local opera singer, sang a solemn rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.
Members of the League of Women Voters, and the Daughters of the American Revolution, helped the new citizens register to vote.
The new citizens' countries of origins ranged from Canada to the Ivory Coast of West Africa.
Alex Lisimau of Belarus discussed why he became a U-S citizen, and had a message for Americans.
Carol Varner, a member of the League of Women Voters told us why she attends every Naturalization Ceremony.
Varner, member of the League of Women Voters tells us why she attends every Naturalization Ceremony.
"I am a capitalist, and I love this country, and all the opportunity it provides. I would like to tell people to stop whining and work hard, and pursue the happiness, pursue your dreams, and don't forget that you live in the world's most admired democracy."
"We bring them a registration form with a pen, we also give them information about the League of Women Voters, and then after the ceremony, once they've taken the oath, we take that registration form and make sure it's filled out properly, and then take it to the Division of Elections, so they're on their way to get their voter card."