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Noel Wien Library - Movies @ Your Library

Event Dates and Times

8/8/2017 - Starts: 1:30 PM
8/15/2017 - Starts: 1:30 PM
Noel Wien Library Auditorium.
Tuesday, August 8th - 1:30 PM
Movie: Rock Dog - 2017, 90 minutes

For the Tibetan Mastiffs living on Snow Mountain, a dog's life has a simple riff: Guard a peaceful village of wool-making sheep from the thuggish wolf Linnux and his rabid pack. To avoid distractions, Mastiff leader Khampa forbids all music from the mountain. But when Khampa's son Bodi discovers a radio dropped by a passing airplane, it takes just a few guitar licks for his fate to be sealed: Bodi wants to be a rock 'n' roll star.

Tuesday, August 15th - 1:30 PM - Movie: Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Long Haul 2017, 90 minutes

A Heffley family road trip to attend Meemaw's 90th birthday party goes hilariously off course thanks to Greg's newest scheme to get to a video gaming convention. This family's cross-country adventure turns into an experience the Heffleys will never forget.

Movies are shown on the big screen in the Noel Wien Library Auditorium.
Popcorn munchies served.
Auditorium doors open 10 minutes before show time.
Contact Youth Services at 459-1052 | 437894703

Noel Wien Library - Pajama Storytime

Event Dates and Times

8/15/2017 - Starts: 7:00 PM
Noel Wien Library Berry Room
Pajama Storytime
An evening storytime for 3-10 year olds.
PJs, slippers, and your favorite stuffed animal are welcome.
No registration is required.
Youth Services 459-1052 | 435726223

NP Branch Library - Cookbook Book Club

Event Dates and Times

8/15/2017 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 8:00 PM
North Pole Branch Library
NPB Cookbook Book Club
“Summer’s Bounty”
(Farmer’s Market)
Tuesday, August 15th
6:30-8 PM

Sign up for a tasty journey with cooking! Registration is required as space is limited. Call 488-6101 for more information or to register.
Call 488-6101 for more information or to register.