UAF Legacy lecture with Helen Atkinson

FAIRBANKS- The University of Alaska Fairbanks did something different for this year's Legacy Lecture. Rather than host an in-person discussion with an influential UAF graduate, they decided to record a video interview. The lecture will spotlight Helen Atkinson, the first woman to graduate from UAF's civil engineering program, back in 1936.
When she graduated, Atkinson was one of 50 female engineers in the entire world. Organizers recorded the interview in March, and the 99– year old Atkinson was planning to attend the Monday– night screening, but she passed away earlier this month. The Director of UAF Summer Sessions, Michelle Bartlett says, Atkinson will be there in spirit and they will be there to celebrate her life.

The documentary will play Monday night at 7 pm in the Murie Building at UAF. Admission is free and there's free parking at the Museum of the North.