Changing city populations in Alaska

FAIRBANKS- Local residents have commented online about Juneau growing bigger than the city of Fairbanks, which would make Fairbanks the third biggest city in Alaska. The discussion stems from an Alaska Dispatch article titled "Who's on third? Fairbanks bumped from number 2 population spot." As the article explains, Juneau's population includes people in their borough, whereas Fairbanks' estimate only counts those living inside the city limits. The State Demographer, Eddie Hunsinger says, the two figures aren't comparable. He says Juneau and the City of Fairbanks have been a little over 30,000 for several years. "Fairbanks, the city isn't growing so much anymore, but just outside and into the borough is still growing and a lot of the population growth that happens in Fairbanks is happening outside of the city," Hunsinger explains. The state estimates there were nearly 100.000 people in the Fairbanks North Star Borough in July 2013. Their new numbers will be released in January 2015.