Memorial held for lost Stryker Brigade members


There was a memorial service at Fort Wainwright today for the soliders who died during the last tour in Afghanistan.

Hundreds were on hand at the memorial park , for the service honoring the 21 strykers who died while serving during the last deployment in Afghanistan.

The commander of u s army Alaska said  they are heroes.

General Ray Palumbo said "They stood for something bigger than self, and they died for it. I imagine that none of them wanted to die for their country but each of them, every one, raised their right hand  and swore to support and defend the constitution of these United States and they stepped up in the defense of freedom."

Brigade commander Colonel Todd Wood said this generation of soldiers puts their lives and the lives of their families on hold to protect our freedoms

"In a war that's been like no other in our history, one that was brought to our country due to events of  9-11, the war on terror and this generation of heroes and champions is in front of you in uniform, in the bleachers and of course in the pictures to your forefront," Wood said.

He said the memory of the fallen soldiers will be a driving force in the lives of all members of the bridgae.