UAF Justice Camp

This summer the UAF “Summer Sessions” department is planning some great camps for local kids.

One of those camps is the "Criminal Justice and Public Safety camp.

This class will explore the many facets of today's criminal justice system, along with a "behind the scenes" look at how different legal elements come together to enforce the law and bring criminals to justice.

The class is open to ages 13–15 and will feature a number of on- site visits.

Mke Daku is one of the instructors and says the class will offer students a nice agenda.

"They're going to have a wide range of exposure to search and rescue dogs for instance and what their role is.

Public safety Civil Air   Patrol getting to go out and see some of the airplanes and have an opportunity to become oriented in terms of what some of the cadets do with the Civil Air Patrol and some of those opportunities."