Summer Activity Fair


With school coming to an end, parents are beginning to think of how they can entertain their youngsters this Summer.

KTVF might have the answer as they will host their 4th annual Summer Activity Fair at the Civic Center inside Pioneer Park, beginning at 11am.

The event will bring together twenty–eight vendors with a number of ideas and concepts focused on providing an educational and entertaining outlet for the kids this Summer.

Nicia Rotermund, the coordinator for the fair, says parents will have a wide variety of camps and activities to choose from.

"Just go around walk around to the different vendors that are on site and ask questions.

Find out if its something that your child really wants to do.

Talk to the people in charge of the camps.

It's a great way to get more in depth information about a camp to see if your child really wants to attend or if there's an activity they are interested in."