Getting ready for Clean Up Day


As is the case each spring, the snow goes away and the trash appears.

So it’s time to clean it up, and that's scheduled for this coming Saturday.

Thousands of people will be getting out with the trademark yellow bags for Fairbanks clean up day.

Preparations for the event started last month, getting those bags sorted out so they could be distributed.

Lexi Miller of United Way said "So last year we had about 55 hundred community volunteers come in and so what we're doing today is we're sorting them into groups of ten so if we have a third grade class from Barnette come in and say we want 200 bags we can just grab 20 stacks of ten."

Everyone knows about the traditional Alpar–BP yellow bags used each year on clean up day.

"And those are just for trash along side the road. We also have green clean up day bags for the aluminum recycling initiative that we started this year in conjunction with the Interior Alaska Green Star."

Andrea Miller of Green Star said "We're asking all the volunteers at clean up day to fill these green bags with aluminum cans only,  I know there’s lots of things we can recycle but we're keeping it simple and just doing aluminum this year so they can leave these out along with the yellow bags on the side of the road and they'll get picked up and they'll be recycled.

Those picking up trash this year are asked to leave the bags beside the road to be picked up. Even better, if you can take them to the landfill it would be a real help.

"This is a community volunteer effort and we can only do so much", Lexi Miller said.