Fairbanks is Home to the only Paranormal Investigation team in Interior Alaska, Pt. 2

FAIRBANKS, AK – (Part II of V) - Three more members of  SOPAH (Seekers of Paranormal and History) Paranormal Investigations to introduce, each with a back story as to why they joined the group.

Josh Fortini, case manager, says the subject of ghosts and the paranormal was off limits in his household growing up.

"I experienced some things as a kid that I didn't quite explain and it was kind of taboo to talk about that kind of stuff I my house, coming from a prominent Catholic household and you don't really talk about stuff, but I would hear my parents and grandparents talk about it on the side and I would experience this stuff myself," said Fortini.

In fact, the idea of paranormal investigations, or "ghost hunting," can bring out the critic, the cynic, the skeptic, the non–believer and the superstitious.

SOPAH Paranormal Investigations treats each case as a separate research opportunity, which means they do their homework beforehand.

Maleaha Roof is the team's historian and she says hours of study and research goes into a case before they even step foot on the property.

"I basically just research it out, you know, like the Fairgrounds, I basically have been researching it out at UAF and the Noel Wein Library,” said Roof. “That's what I do and I'm also a local so I bring that into it, too."

Maleah mentions the Tanana Valley State Fair Grounds, the first clue as to where they will investigate next and where they have invited the Newscenter to be a guest investigator.

This will be the first time a reporter has tagged along to one of their investigations and is also the first investigation for newest member Alisha Chase.

"With this particular group I found them on Facebook, my fiancée actually introduced me to the page, and I just posted on the page, hey are you guys looking for new members,” said Chase.  “It was completely by chance because I actually don't have any background in investigating."

On the job training at the Fair Grounds for both myself and Alisha as we handle digital voice recorders, digital cameras, emf detectors, K–2 meters and what is known as the P–SB7 Spirit Box, a device that some believe can capture spirit voices, and where Ryan French, co–founder of SOPAH has previously caught this ....(Audio Recording)

"What's Wrong, What's Wrong, What's Wrong."