Military Report


Every where you look nowadays, there is some type of recycling project going on.

Even clean up day this year has a different color bag, green, for aluminum .

Bernie  karl,  owner of K and K recycling says "In 1986, Fairbanks Alaska was the most progressive community in the whole world for recycling in 86. They were recycling 15 percent of the waste stream in 86. It was amazing what happened. But that kinda fell by the wayside."

A few years ago, Fort Wainwright started recycling again, by putting containers around the post in high traffic areas for paper, aluminum and the like .

Nicholas Jenner, in charge of recycling on the post, said "We also do the used cooking oil program up here so all the cooking oil like the defag and afees uses we pick that up and transport it using K and K  it's a good deal over there."

According to Karl, the post now  recycles 100 percent of its glass, plastic, wood, cardboard, paper and vegetable oil,

The goal for the next few years is a lofty one

"This will be the first army base in the world to have zero going to a landfill", Karl said.

We will bring you a special series later this month on recycling as part of a sustainability project.