Teachers and school district agree on contract

The Fairbanks School Board and teachers have reached a tentative contract agreement.  The agreement still has to be voted on by teacher members of the Fairbanks Education Association.

Their last contract expired in June of 2011.

The agreement includes a 1 point 5 percent salary hike for the 2011–12 school year, and a 1 point 75 increase for 2012–13. There will be a 15 hundred dollar stipend each of the two years for those teachers ineligible for a step increase in their pay.

Agreement was also reached on personal leave, per diem and just cause issues.

“This is a contract that has good language in it and we will be able to benefit, or the community will be able to benefit from it," said FEA president Tammy Smith. "Because really it is about investing in our schools, and everybody wins when we invest in our schools."

Labor Relations Director for the School District, Gayle Pierce, agrees.  Said Pierce, “What we came to in the end, I think, was a balanced agreement that is good for the teachers and good for the district, and we're very pleased that we are settled.

"We have a two year agreement that helps us begin the new year, knowing what were all doing, and what the new provisions will be.”