More charges possibly forthcoming

Late Monday, Fairbanks District Attorney Michael Gray said a grand jury will meet later this week to see if second-degree murder charges will be brought against 24-year-old Carl David, Junior.

David is currently charged with felony assault in the first degree connected to the alleged beating of two-year-old Jacob Williams last Tuesday.

The boy was critically injured in the alleged assault, and died from his injuries Thursday, prompting a grand jury to convene and bring more serious charges against David.

Reached for comment late Monday, District Attorney Gray called the alleged crime “unspeakable,” and one of its magnitude not seen locally in quite some time.


child abuse

We have got to find ways to stop the abuse of these little ones.The courts need to give the harshest penelatys for these crimes. And I mean harshest. A people who visiously hurt these inosent little one do not need to be in our population ever.There is something terribly wrong with them.