Artisitic Ideas and Public Input sought for "Green Space"

FAIRBANKS, Ak - The search is on for the best artistic idea for the "green space" that will be created after completion of the Illinois Street Construction project.

The "green space" is a large, triangle-shaped area that sits in between the Cushman Street bridge and the new Barnette Street bridge.

The Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System, or FMATS, created an Art Selection Advisory Committee to choose what artistic design would be implemented in the space after an earlier pre–chosen design was not met with public favor.

The committee will meet Saturday, April 28th from 2 pm to 5 pm pm in the Big "I" parking lot and say public input is their first priority in selecting the art project.

Committee member Julie Engfer says, "We'll have a process they can go through to answer questions, ask us questions, meet the FMATS Artistic Selection Committee and become a part of the whole process and help us choose the art that goes there."