The "Foodies" of Fairbanks Celebrate with a Soup Off

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 01/19/2015 - 15:41.

The 5th annual Soup Off in support of the Bread Line Stone Soup Café took place last night at the Westmark Hotel.

About 20 local restaurants participated by creating their own unique soup, and then community supporters walked around with a ballot voting for their favorites.

In addition to the delicious variety of soups, the event offered beer, wine, and coffee tasting supported by local businesses.

They wrapped up the night with a silent auction and award ceremony.

All of the proceeds benefit Stone Soup Café, which then gives back to the community by offering a hot breakfast and sack lunch to Fairbanks North Star Borough residents.

Stone Soup's mission is to "inspire community collaboration and to enrich the lives of their most vulnerable neighbors with nutritious food served in an atmosphere of dignity and respect."

Last year, they served over 28,000 meals at a cost of a $1.95 per serving.

Last night, two board members Sarah Stanley and Greg Bringhurst, who was a former candidate for State House, said they we're grateful for the generosity of community supporters.

"And also this year I was really excited to see every year the restaurants raise the bar and it's just really cool to see that kind of collaboration and competition," said Stanley.

Greg Bringhurst said, "...people who showed up tonight. We have college students. We have a lot of the military. We did a military discount for tickets so it is really wonderful to see couples come out. There's retirees, there's people who support stone soup, there's people who have just heard about Stone Soup all here hearing about what we do at Stone Soup."

"It's the foodies," said Stanley.

"Yeah, the foodies of Fairbanks," said Bringhurst