Prospector Fire Sale Heats Up

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 01/19/2015 - 15:25.

An early morning fire on December 21st left the Prospector closed just before the Christmas holiday.

However, earlier this week, Prospector told their shoppers that if they didn't mind the smell of a campfire, come out Thursday for an "after fire" sale.

Joe Prax, the business owner, was surprised how many early morning shoppers left work to come look for deals.

The line wrapped around the store's perimeter, and many waited in line for about an hour and a half.

Prax says now that they have worked out the details with the insurance company, they need to clear out the store so they can start their remodel.

One shopper, Francis Dale Woster, said, "Yeah I thought it was going to be empty but it's not at all. The line wraps all the way around the store."

"I knew it was going to blow up. My wife wanted to get here early. She was looking at the line here in the store; it was all the way around the perimeter. I may be here for another hour standing in line, maybe longer." said Jackson Fox, another shopper.

The store owner Joe Prax said, "Well we're gonna keep this going. Everything is 40 percent off right now. As things sell down, we'll lower prices on other things, and we do need to clear out the entire store. People should watch. If they watch the Facebook page, we'll be advertising it and people can know what the sale is."