Fairbanks Stryker Brigade resets

Now that the Fairbanks Stryker Brigade has returned to Fort Wainwright, the first order of business is taking leave to rest a bit before going back to work.

Then its time to got through a series of reset operations.

Commander Colonel Todd Wood said that’s a reset of equipment and people.

They left a lot of equipment behind for the unit replacing them.

“It saves a lot of money and a lot of time in terms of transporting thousands of vehicles and containers”, Wood said.

The army will provide them with new equipment to get the unit back up to speed, and there will also be a change of a lot of personnel.

Colonel Wood said there was much more to the mission than just warfighting.

There was training of local police and soldiers, and rebuilding.

“Any conflict that we’ve been in, that we deployed soldiers, we’ve had that kind of morph into those kind of roles”.

At the end of May, Colonel wood will be one of those going on to a new assignment.

He will be stationed in Hawaii and serve as operations officer for the Pacific.

The Colonel said he wanted the people of Fairbanks to know this is one of the most supportive community’s of the military he’s ever seen.