Murkowski discusses high gas prices


FAIRBANKS, AK -- Senator Lisa Murkowski and her staff are discussing ways to relieve Alaskans' burden of high gas prices.

In a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing held earlier today, lawmakers listened to topics involving how the federal government can help with gas prices.

Murkowski said that increasing domestic production is key in aiding consumers.

She also said that Congress has a duty to explore all viable options when considering how to reduce gas prices for the average American family.

"In Barrow, [it] is going for $5.75 a gallon," said Murkowski. "Juneau, our state capitol, is $4.15, Nome is $5.98.  Kotzebue, just above [Nome],  it is $7.31.  So, theyre looking at what the national average is now and saying, 'Boy, in the rear view mirror, that looks pretty good.'"