City and Fire Close to Contract Agreement

FAIRBANKS, Ak -- the City of Fairbanks and city firefighters are steps away from finalizing a new labor agreement.

Both the city and the Fairbanks firefighter association have been in contract negotiations for over a year.

Firefighters continued to work under the terms of the old contract in the interim.

The highlight of the new agreement is an increase in pay at just over one and a half percent for the next three years.

City Mayor Jerry Cleworth says he is happy the negotiations are coming to a close and says the firefighter contract is independently unique, as are contracts with city police and public works whose contracts had been resolved months ago.

Cleworth said, “There's going to be peculiarities to each contract.  The police have things in there that are just absolutely unique to them, same with the fire department, so you're not going to be completely consistent from contract to contract, but the economic components should be, to the best of our abilities, consistent.”