Support To Our Military Parade scheduled for May 12, 2012

Community leaders in the Interior are making plans for the biggest show of support for all branches of our military forces.

The event will be known as "Support To Our Military Parade," and is slated to take place Saturday, May 12, 2012.

It will start with a grand parade featuring Army, Air Force, National Guard, veterans, Navy and Coast Guard service members marching along a downtown route.

All four thousand-strong members of the soon-to-be returning Stryker brigade will be participating as well.

The event will culminate in a festive day at Pioneer Park for community and service members alike.

Event organizers are grass roots, but say momentum is gaining fast.

Donations, volunteers and contributions are needed in a big way says event co-chair, Lisa Herbert.

“This is not being funded by any organization.  It's a bunch of patriotic citizens who have come together to host this event and put it on.  We've got a great committee started so far, but we need all the help we can to make this a success and to pull it off for our military.”