Morris Thompson receives big donation

The Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitor Center was built in 2009 to inspire residents and visitors to get out and explore Interior and Arctic Alaska, and to preserve Athabascan languages, history, and cultures.

Recently the center received a boost to their funding goal when they were given a generous 25,000 dollar donation from Conoco Phillips Alaska.

This money will be used to complete exhibits in their final stages including a large circular area in the lobby called the gateway, which up until now was serving as the reception area, but will become the finale for the exhibits.

Executive Director Cindy Schumaker says that Conoco Phillips has contributed more than a hundred thousand dollars to the center, and the latest donation will help to complete the Gateway.

"So the exhibits themselves really talk about who we are.

You walk into the gateway and the visitor maybe is inspired to go out and explore and experience life like we do.

Through the magic of architecture from bettisworth north, they then exit on the trip planning.

So they're inspired, intrigued, and then can go plan their  trip, and how they're going to spend their time and spend their money while they're here in interior alaska."