Murkowski concerned over Escalating T.S.A. expenses

FAIRBANKS, Ak - Senator Lisa Murkowski this week criticized the escalating cost of TSA screenings in front of Transportation Security Administration Head, John Pistole.

In a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee, Murkowski said safety expenses are being passed along to Alaskans already reeling from soaring energy prices.

Murkowski reminded Pistole the TSA needs to better serve passengers with special needs and reconsider if security screenings are high priority in remote areas such as bethel.

Most importantly, the senator said, is the added expense of consumables Alaskans pay due to TSA expenses.

“It takes a community and a region that is already facing exorbinent cost because of transportation cost and adding to the cost of living because of these TSA security fees that are imposed on a per weight charge,” Murkowski claimed.