Chamber board issues letter for Legislature


The Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce board of directors met yesterday to discuss various enegy needs for the community.

The board decided that a letter should be drafted to the state Legislature voicing the concern that natural gas is a high priority for the Fairbanks commnity.

The letter would state that that the Legislature fund the building of liquifaction plant on the North Slope.

With this in place natural gas could be trucked down to Fairbanks and stored for future distribution within the community.

Lorna Shaw President for the Board says the Legislature should respond to the needs of the Fairbanks community.

"What we try to do as a group again first at the committee level, and then yesterday at the board level was put together a document to provide input from the seven hundred plus chamber members to the legislators.

So that they would know in what order we support the pieces of legislation they have before them to help them with their decision making process.

So our top priority in this is to have a liquifaction plant on the Northslope , and then a re–gasification plant down here closer to Fairbanks.

That's critical if we're going to solve the energy issues here in the interior."