City Council Authorizes Portable Toilet for Protesters

FAIRBANKS, Ak -- The group known as Occupy Fairbanks will be allowed to re–install a portable toilet after a decision made by the City Mayor at last night's City Council meeting.

Two members of the protest group addressed the council and Mayor Jerry Cleworth, asked for special permission for the chemical toilet by provision of the very same city code used to remove their toilet several months back by the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

Though Veteran's Memorial Park is owned by the borough, not the city, the city can allow extended use of a portable toilet within city boundaries by special permission of the mayor.

Mayor Cleworth says they were asked for indefinite allowance of the toilet facility, but the mayor said a deadline will be enforced at the end of April.

Cleworth said, “I think the borough is in an awkward spot.  They don't have police powers and I think they're seeing some of the difficulties in enforcing their Park rules and regulations.  I think one says that there is no overnight camping that's allowed, and yet, we have overnight camping.  The city is a little different.  We do have enforcement powers.  We have authorized the use of a Port–a–Potty until the end of April, and that's it.  We can enforce that and we will enforce that.”