Job fair deemed a success

With the economy as it is today and unemployment numbers continuing to climb, job security is at the top of the list of concerns for much of the population.

Today at the Carlson Center, recruiters and employers were doing what they could to ease the anxiety of those currently unemployed. Rows of booths allowed the opportunity for those seeking jobs to meet, discuss and hopefully accept positions of employment.

This year's job fair may have had a smaller turnout, but employers were still encouraged and optimistic about filling current vacant positions.

Theresa Quakenbush with the State Labor Force says employers this year have actually been pleasantly surprised.

"These job fairs are very successful. In fact, I've been walking around talking with some of the employers about how they're doing," says Quakenbush, "and they're really happy with the amount of applicants they are getting. They have stacks of applications on their desks. We also have a resource room here for folks to apply online as well. Some of the employers, well, you know, want folks to apply online. So we do have that resource room available."