FMH celebrates its 40th birthday

When the 1967 flood left St. Joseph's Hospital in Fairbanks in ruins, citizens came together to make sure the city didn't end up without a hospital.

As a result, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital opened its doors on March 19th, 1972, making Monday its 40th birthday.

What began as one building with 116 beds has expanded into a full-service medical campus with world-class facilities, including emergency, cancer and heart care.

The Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation hosted a birthday party in the lobby of the hospital. Board president Jeff Cook says the hospital has come a long way and he is very proud.

"We've got a cancer center, a hear center, a patient imaging center, outpatient surgery, Chief Andrew Isaac is co-located with us now," said Cook. "They're building a new building across the street on ground that we helped them acquire. So now we have a hospital for all the needs of the peple that can stay here in Fairbanks and get their care.

"We're really proud, we're proud of the people, the physicians, the nurses, the staff, all of the support staff that works here, and we're proud to have a community-owned hospital."