Local DJs shave heads for cancer fundraiser

The bald look is in.

Especially for two local DJs who shaved their heads this morning to raise money for child cancer research through the St. Baldrick's program.

Local DJ Ken Vehmeier, also known as VMax, had been feeling a bit harried lately and wanted to do something about it.

"Eh, I just thought I needed a haircut and what a better way to do it by raising money and get a free hair cut out of the deal,” said Vehmeier.

He continued, “No actually, we worked with them last year on KWLF with St. Baldrick's and we were like, ‘Hey guys we'll get with you this year,’ and decided to take it one step further and join in."

Vehmeier says he stands in solidarity with all children who are fighting cancer.

"I have a friend whose daughter, who is 12 years old. This past summer, she just got hit with a leg cancer and they are fighting to save her leg. So, it really hit home for me."

The money raised by Vehmeier will really mean something for the St. Baldrick’s program.

"We set a donation goal of $1000. I had no idea that we would get there. We've surpassed it; we're almost at $2000."

But the story and the fundraising didn't end with Vehmeier.

Finding himself in a hairy situation, Johan Brun, a.k.a. DJ Johan, offered up his locks, but not without a fight from his spouse. DJ Johan's wife slapped down $200 to save his head of hair unless someone matched the donation.

Someone did, and to the clippers went the second disc jockey.

Locally, over $15,000 has been raised through St. Baldricks, thanks to people like bald–headed DJ buddies Johan and VMax.

"I feel faster, sleeker, leaner and about ten pounds less," said Brun.

“Nice!" replied Vehmeier.