Food Bank and Sam's Club pair up to fight hunger

The Fairbanks Community Food Bank and the local Sam's Club have teamed up for a great fundraiser. It's all part of a nationwide "Outnumber the Hunger" promotion that is helping to feed America.

General Mills is the major sponsor of the program, which features code numbers on each of their products. These numbers are loaded into the Fairbanks Food Bank website, and in turn, a $1.30 donation is contributed to the Food Bank.

The staff of the Food Bank says this will go a long way toward aiding local families in need. Anne Weaver, assistant manager for the Food Bank said, "We are really excited to be joining with Sam's Club right now. What we're able to do with their assistance and joining up with 'Feeding America,' and with General Mills for example. Every time you buy anything with this label, you're able to donate $1.30 to the Food Bank just by going online and entering the code on the side. Just like you used to do with mailing boxtops. It's easier now and you can do it online."

Sam Talley, manager of the local Sam's Club, concurs: "We are looking at ways we can support our community, especially in Fairbanks. Any way that we can be socially responsible as a corporation, we want to enforce that 100%. So this a a great way for us to get involved not only at the local level, but at the national level."

Talley says his personnel will also lend a hand to those that do not have computers or would like to make a contribution while in the store.