ONAC races are in full swing

The Open North American Championship or ONAC races are in full swing in downtown Fairbanks.

This annual rite of Spring attracts hundreds of spectators to the starting chute of the race, that’s also called the “Grand daddy of them all.”

The Fairbanks Arts Association is also getting in on the action, by reintroducing the Parka Parade.

Registration will be open at the Co-Op Plaza from Noon to 3:00 P.M. beginning today. There will also be registration available on Saturday and Sunday, the day of the event.
This is an opportunity to showcase these rich canvases of beauty and Alaska Native culture. It’s also a chance to show case the rich and colourful ways handmade parkas are created.

Anna Gagne-Hawes with the Fairbanks Arts Association told the Newscenter, "As soon as the dogs leave the chute, whatever time that may be, as soon as the dogs leave the chute, there's about a 45 minute window and that's when we have the Parka Parade.”

She added, “It's just a really great opportunity to come out and see some beautiful, beautiful parkas and to really show appreciation to the people who are letting us see their parkas."

The Parka parade will take place on Sunday. Every person who enters will receive a small prize, and there will be special awards as well.