Borough to re-vote on spending to keep F-16s

FAIRBANKS, AK - There are many uncertainties regarding the possible relocation of the F-16 Aggressor Squadron from Eielson to joint base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage.

As the Borough Assembly prepares to re-vote on whether to allocate $98,580 to Public Private Solutions Group, Inc., other city leaders believe time is of the essence to identify who exactly will be leading the effort on behalf of the Interior.

North Pole City Mayor Doug Isaacson says North Pole has plenty to feel nervous about as the Air Force's site assessment team visits next month.

The mayor says they are busy gathering statistics and numbers concerning the economic impact of a fully-missioned Eielson has on North Pole.

He feels even real, actual numbers may go unheard without an advocate source in place.

Isaacson says, “When you're talking with these types of teams, who are focused on one set of questions and they're looking at a specific set of numbers, you can't have anecdotal information. You got to have the most current, up to date information, and you can't just have it in the way that you and I count it, you have to answer it in the way that they're asking the question.”