Finance Committee debating Parnell's oil tax plan

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) – The House Finance Committee is still debating the pros and cons of Gov. Sean Parnell's plan to cut oil taxes on increase investment by oil producers.

Bryan Butcher, commissioner for the state department of revenue, told a gathering of business leaders that while Alaska was debating the tax incentives for the oil companies, many Alaskan jobs were leaving for the lower forty-eight.

When asked by the Newscenter how long oil companies would remain patient for a solution, signs are already apparent that it may not be that long.

"Certainly they see opportunities elsewhere, the money's pouring in there. I just found out yesterday that a good friend of mine is getting transferred to Texas. So we're actually seeing, and I know there have been a lot of Fairbanksans that have done the same thing. Seeing the jobs leaving, but we have oil up there, we just need to get to the point where we find the sweet spot, that companies see it's worth the extra amount of money they have to spend to do business in Alaska,” said Butcher.