Local Family featured on Gold Mining Reality Show

FAIRBANKS, AK -- A local Fairbanks man and his family are currently featured as one of the three main storylines in the National Geographic Channel's new reality series, "Goldfathers: Race for Gold."

Local businessman and entrepreneur, John Reeves and his wife, son, and four daughters shot the series in the summer of 2011 at their mining properties just north of Fairbanks.

The show follows three different families or claim sites as each tries different methods and techniques for gold mining.

The show promotes Reeves as one of the "largest private landowners in the state."

The entire family participated in the shooting of the show, including former Fairbanks television reporter and daughter of John Reeves, Lauren Reeves.

Lauren Reeves and her mother, Ramona, say the series accurately portrays their large family.

"We were very clear from the get go about what our boundaries were and they were never allowed in our home, that was from the get go, personal events we didn't have them at," said Ramona Reeves, John's wife.  "It was really just the working part of our business."

John's daughter, Lauren said, "No, nothing was recreated, I mean, everything happens naturally on the show and I think that's really cool of the producers to not try to plant an idea or making something happen that just wouldn't naturally happen."