Chicken Balsamic

Today we’re making a delicious Italian-American dish called Chicken Balsamic. It has easy ingredient that you’ll find in almost any kitchen.

We’re going to start by dredging some chicken breasts in flour; that’s going to help with a lot of things: picking up flavor and it’s going to add body to the sauce. Make sure your pan’s hot when you add the chicken. Make your chicken breasts even so they’ll cook evenly. You’ve got a nice sizzle on your pan. I’m going to put some salt and pepper… always… and sear the chicken on both sides. You’ll give it a little more time in your kitchen than I’m giving in mine. This is a dish that my sister Rita came up with on our menu and it’s always been a favorite with everyone.

Now we’re ready to add some balsamic to the pan, some homemade chicken stock with lots of fat in it; makes it delicious, Put in some ripe sliced olives: those are nice and buttery, gives it some fatness, and these delicious tomatoes are going to give you a break in the flavor, and add some acidicness to balance out the delicious olives.

After you let it reduce, it’s going to look like this: has a nice glossy brown color, and to give it a little more gloss I’m going to add a little butter right at the end.

And there is your chicken balsamic: easy to prepare. Try it at home or come to Gambardella’s. Thank you very much, buona sera!