Zirkle wins Yukon 300, Quest standings

CENTRAL-Last evening Ally Zirkle didn't need a sprint to win the Yukon 300. She won with a plenty of time.

Zirkle and her 11 dogs cruised into Central around 7:30 pm for first place in this year's Yukon 300 race. Zirkle and her pups were not looking over their shoulders or ahead to catch someone. Last year Zirkle lost by only eight seconds.

Chase Tingle, who finished second, came in just after 9 pm. He and Zirkle left Circle about the same time but he went back to drop two dogs which added about an hour to his race.

Heidi Sutter the early leader in the race came in third.

Now for the Yukon Quest standings as of air time today.

Brent Sass is the lead dog followed by Allen Moore Hugh Neff. Cody Strathe and David Dalton complete the top five.

Last evening Mike Ellis of Fairbanks scratched for the well being of his dogs at Circle. Jerry Joinson was docked an eight hour penalty for using a replacement sled after his original was damaged from Central to Circle. He'll have to be in Dawson for 44 hours. The mandatory rest time for the Dawson City checkpoint is 36 hours. 15 mushers remain in the race.

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