Yukon team takes first state roller derby tournament title

FAIRBANKS, AK-The first state tournament in roller derby was right here in Fairbanks this weekend. Six teams participated in the United We Roll Alaska State Tournament hosted by the Fairbanks Roller Girls at the Carlson Center.

There were some close games but the Yukon Rollergirls beat the Fairbanks Raven Rebels 179-120 for the first Alaska state tournament roller derby title.The roller derby event was also a chance for people to learn about the sport with boot camps headed by trainers from Texas. Next year's tournament is slated to be in Denali.

The event was not only about competition the close roller derby community.

It means a lot; we've gotten to meet some great skaters from all over the state, we've had our time with them, we've learned a lot so it's been a great derby boost and we love it here," said "Sabobtage", team captain for the Raven Rebels.

Michelle "Bad Lady" Maynor of the Fairbanks Roller Girls says that there are no hard feelings between the girls. They're pretty much like sisters.

"This is totally a sisterhood and that's why we named the tournament 'United We Roll' because we're really trying to bring the Roller Derby in Alaska together; this is the first time anything like this has ever been done and it's just really amazing to be part of it and to have everybody here." Maynor said. "Even when we get beat or we beat somebody else it's..we're all tight and we're all great, you know, "great hit" and we're gonna be going to Gallos later and having some beverages and celebrating all the bumps and bruises and split lips and everything that we got."