Yukon Quest decides to incorporate longer rest times

Submitted 2 years 1 month ago by jcook.

FAIRBANKS-The Yukon Quest will be making some key changes for the 2015 race. There will be new mandatory stop times. The rest times will be longer and spread out along the trail.

For example, the 36 hour mandatory rest stop at Dawson City will be decreased to 24 hours but the four hour rest stops will be increased to six hours.

There will also be two driver's choice mandatory six hour stops. For example, the mandatory rest can be at Braeburn or Carmacks and will be 6 hours. There will be six hour rest at Circle City or Central or Mile 101 that's up to the driver. Eagle's rest stop is six hours. The Two Rivers mandatory rest will still be eight hours.

The Yukon Quest Rules Committee decided to make these changes after to receiving input from mushers, veterinarians, officials, staff, etc. Mushers will be changing up their strategies with these changes and it may make for a more exciting race with more rested teams in the field.

In a Yukon Quest Press Release, Bruce Lee, Vice Chair of the Yukon Quest International Rules Committee, said quote, "We wanted to distribute the rest more evenly along the race course to promote more rested teams. The Quest is an ever evolving race that is always trying new things to promote better dog care."

The Yukon Quest starts in February 2015 from Whitehorse, Yukon.