Young Fairbanks girls give back in a big way

This morning a very young little girl was busy packing up toys to send to children who are sick in the hospital.

She started this toy drive a few years ago after spending a long time in the hospital herself.

7-year-old Kendall Wills began a toy drive to benefit the children at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She says it was her idea after spending many years on and off there battling her own sickness.

Kendall was diagnosed with a kidney disease at the age of 4 and has since spent many years in treatment with her parents and older sister.

Kendall said, “ I was very lucky to get out of the hospital before them… and I just wanted to make them happy.”

She even recruited her older sister Madeline who has helped raise toys and gifts to give to the kids.

Amongst others, Harley Davidson has also lent their time to this cause that Kendall holds so dear.

Owner, John Haddad said, “This is all Kendall, we are very proud for her wanting to help kids in the same position she has been in through the past few years.”

Kendall and her sister have also donated food and toys to local charities as well, as these two youngsters clearly have the spirit of giving in them! They have gone through a lot with Kendall's sickness, her mother said through tears this morning.

However, Kendall is still just her sister we were reminded when asked, “Are you happy that she is your sister” 10-year-old Madeline replied through laughter… “Sometimes!!”