Young Entreupreneurs at work

Two nine year old Fairbanks area girls were at the Bentley mall Saturday, working to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

It all started while they were making wrist bands, and wondering what to do with them.

Makena said "We were making bracelets for the St. Judes hospital I believe.

Shannon's Mom, Kimberly, said " they're very very sweet girls, they're always into helping others and kinda keeping busy, little entrepreneurs, yeah. Absolutely."

They picked St. judes because of a letter one of the moms got.

Kimberly said "Shannon brought it up and I said hey lets help these guys,  they're kids just like you and Makena let's do it for that and they both thought it was a good idea and that's what they're doing."

Shannon said their motto is kids helping kids, adding "I thought that they help sick children with no fee and,  or bill,  and so I felt like maybe we should support them."

In the few hours they were at the mall Saturday, the girls raised 7 hundred dollars for St. Judes.