Wounded Warriors fishing trip

Five years ago a few fishing guides on the Kenai River wanted to do something special for wounded soldiers returning from deployments.

Since then the program has grown so much that close to 125 soldiers are greeted by a massive group of boats and guides in June, ready to give the guys and gals a two day fishing trip that includes lodging, meals, and going after the famous Kenai River King Salmon.

Guide Mike Fenton says the joy that these trips bring to the soldiers is enough reward for him and his fellow guides.

"It's been an overwhelming response from the soldiers.

I think its more special because the Kenai is on the other side of the state and a lot of guys that are stationed here they don't get a chance to go to the Kenai.

It's a beautiful river and I think it's been a real healing process for those guys, it kind of starts that healing process going.

It's very healing from the guides that donate their time in our community, and it's just been one of those win–win events."

If you would like to donate or contribute a prize for this "wounded warrior" event,  e–mail mikefenton @alaska.net, or go to our website webcenter 11.com