The Wolfpack getting back on the track

FAIRBANKS, AK-It's that time of the year where you can start to put on your running shoes, baseball and soccer cleats on.
The snow is almost gone so it signals the area track teams to get as prepared as they can.

Today Channel 11 was at West Valley high school as the track team practiced inside once again. The athletes are anxious to get outside so they can avoid injuries, chin splints is a common problem.

The discuss throwers, were in the middle of the gym, the sprinters on the right side, and jumpers on the far left. Shotput was in the auxiliary gym so there was a place for everyone to practice.

This year's team looks to be solid as some of the winter sports athletes cross over into track. One area that head coach Milo Griffin feels the Wolfpack will be strong is the women's high jump.
West Valley returns Callie Franz a basketball player, Jessi Martelario and Megan Drange who all cleared five feet last season.

Griffin talked about transitioning the athletes to a different sport and the current depth of the team.

"It's taking some time to make the transition. A lot of these guys are basketball players, soccer players, different sports, so track is the last sport of the year and kids get tired and run down. So, I give them a week off and try get them back and get them focused on track, so that's where we are at."

"We've been lucky. We always get somebody come in new from some place and we're hoping we get a couple kids that are new. We've got some kids coming back from last year's team that run sprints and jumps and throw. We've lost a couple of throwers and a couple of jumpers, but I think we've replenished most of them," Griffin said.