Windows project

Last year the Downtown Association, as part of their multi-year initiative, had a project of painting the pipes downtown, which was a massive success.

This year the Downtown Association will focus on vacant properties downtown.

By sprucing up the windows with creative artwork.

The "Window Project" will solicit local artists to find a way to enhance the windows of vacant properties incorporating the theme of the word "edge".

The artwork will be printed on vinyl wraps and adhered to the exterior of ground-floor windows of featured spaces.




The project will be completed by September with a public viewing also scheduled for sometime in September.Amy Nordrum with the Downtown Association hopes new artists will like the project.

"We decided to apply art to the public properties, dress them up a little bit.

Re-activate them, try to prompt some thought about the potential of those spaces for our downtown and for our community.

So this summer we're actually going to be doing that by plastering the fronts of these windows with some art work submitted by local artists with the theme of "edge".

Our public art committee chose that theme, thinking it was kind of an interesting word with a lot of dynamism to it that could be both abstract and literal, and hoping that our artists bring their illustrations to the project in that way."