You knew it was only a matter of time until it would happen.

With our latest heat wave the fire potential became a reality this weekend.

Saturday two small fires were extinguished quickly in the Johansen mall area.

Sunday afternoon a large fire developed rapidly near Harding Lake off Old Valdez Trail, 35 miles southeast of Fairbanks.

The fire began on a hill between the Tanana River and the Richardson Highway.

By this morning thanks to the efforts of work crews and aircraft dropping retardant, they are getting a handle on this blaze.




But crews continue to work around the clock to contain the fire. According to Division of Forestry Information Officer Maggie Rogers the fire is becoming much more manageable thanks to more crews."We have three crews that are on it, and an additional crew arriving today.

What they are doing is to secure that line, and again they are dealing with very steep terrain and snags that are burning and hardwoods and other vegetation that would otherwise be burning in this same way."At 5pm Monday afternoon another fire broke out at mile 17 Chena Hot Springs Road and was moving at a fast rate toward the Two Rivers lodge. PLanes and fire crews were responding.