West Valley wins Region VI gymnastics title, Lathrop's Perry best all-around

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FAIRBANKS-Last night high school gymnasts competed in the Region VI championships. The gymnastics season had been on a two year hiatus. Regionals culminated a season that had three meets.

West Valley came away with the Region VI championship led by Freshman Katelynn Criss-Carboy's wins on vault and floor exercise. Teammate Megan Ellis won the balance beam event.
Senior Justine Johnson was third all-around for the Wolfpack and Criss-Carboy was second. The Wolfpack tallied 139 points as a team.

But the best all around title went to Lathrop senior Megan Perry. Her final all-around score of 33.45 was a little over a point better than Criss-Carboy. Lathrop finished second in the region with 121 points.

It was close in determining the all-around winner but Perry credits the competition as she ends her gymnastics career on top.

"Definitley a push cause you had to push yourself to get on top of the podium. With them here it helped us to drive to be with them. It was nice," Perry said. "It was a lot of hard work after last year of not being able to do it. It's exciting!"

West Valley and North Pole head coach Janelle Johnson says the Wolfpack's team chemistry was key in winning this year's title.

"They work well together they have worked hard every bodies always been encouraging each other and that was probably one of the best things about this season the girls all were wanting the best for eachother. They were wanting the best for each other."