West Valley boys reclaim MAC title with 4-0 win over Lathrop

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FAIRBANKS-In the boys MAC soccer game on Saturday night at Lathrop Stadium West Valley needed a win to clinch the boys MAC title after winning over North Pole on Friday night.

The Wolfpack were able to get some through balls and combinations and Norman Rockwell scored in the 25th minute to give the Wolfpack a 1-0 lead. To put the Malemute behind the eight ball Keegan O'Brian scored in the 40th minute right before halftime giving West Valley a 2-0 advantage.

Brayden Deweese scored in the first five minutes of the second half and them got his second goal at the 55th minute to put this one out of reach. West Valley defeats Lathrop 4-0.

Chris Wheat get's his 6th shutout of the season and West Valley reclaims their MAC title and will go to the state tournament. It's West Valley's seventh Region title in eight years.

"We just connected a little more. We just played our soccer, our game. We just connected really well and played together as a team," Deweese said.

Howard Maxwell, West Valley's head coach, felt he saw his team execute.

"We talked a little bit about playing on the ground here, moving the ball fast, combinations and little creativity in the attack and I thought I saw that tonight. I hope we can build on that going to state," Maxwell said.

Deweese believes his teams has an opportunity to go further than 2012's seventh place finish after missing out on the tournament a year ago.

"We know Anchorage teams can compete really hard. I think we have good chance at it this year at competing as well."

Maxwell added, "we won't know our draw until Saturday of Memorial Day weekend or Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. It's a random draw of the one through eight so we'll see what our matchups are and we'll make a plan going forward."