Wendell Bridge

The Wendell Avenue Bridge is close to 60 years old and does not meet current standards established by the Department of Transportation.

So the decision has been made to bring the bridge down and construct a new bridge complete with pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

Construction would begin in 2016 and would take anywhere from a year to a year and a half.




Tomorrow night at the Morris Thompson Center at 5:30, the public is invited to see and hear a presentation and discuss the project with officials from the Alaska D-O-T. Sarah Schacher Project Manager for DOT says the bridge was in bad need of replacement.

"It has some foundation issues that don't meet today's structural design standards.

So instead of repairing the bridge we're going to replace it. And in doing so we can build it with a wider roadway, and wider sidewalks for bicycles and pedestrians.

And we're also going to build a connection from Graehl Park where the boat ramp is on to the bridge and down to Griffin Park and down to Morris Thompson center."